First F-35 jet for pilot training gets to Eglin AFB

First F-35 jet for pilot training gets to Eglin AFB
EGLIN AIR Pressure BASE, Fla, 16 This summer 2011. Lockheed Martin [New york stock exchange: LMT] aircraft pilots shipped the very first production model F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) towards the 33rd Fighter Wing. The jet fighter, named AF-9, is going to be employed for F-35 pilot and maintenance training who begin training in the base’s new F-35 Integrated Training Center later this season.

First F-35 jet for pilot training

AF-9 is really a conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) version from the JSF. It’s the third production-model F-35 shipped towards the U.S. Air Pressure, using the first couple of being designated to Edwards AFB, Calif.

AF-9 may be the first aircraft from Low Rate Initial Production lot two and also the seventh F-35 shipped towards the Air Pressure. An overall total of 59 F-35s will ultimately from the fighter fleet at Eglin AFB.

The F-35 pilot-and-maintenance training center has pilot and maintenance training equipment, support, systems and facilities for those three aircraft variants. The middle will host simulators, electronic classes, courseware, and flight occasions.

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