Flight Design C4 Aircraft

Flight Design C4 Aircraft

Flight Design will introduce their new headquarters reperacj? mock-ups of four C4 in the EAA, this year , Air is a venture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. As in all previous models of the basic parachute system flight Projects was designed for C4 and will be included, offered standard equipment on all C4.

“IT is not by chance that the flight Design CTLS , and MC respectively designate the following LSA models and Cirrus SR20/22 is an industry of their aircraft sales top market segments, and not as an option in the Brs system drive-units as standard equipment, this always ” stated Boris Popov, founder and Director of the BRS aerospace.

“The C4 is an attractive new alternative for the pilot who wants to, have a State-of-the-art, high wing, composite aircraft along with a really huge cabin and excellent visibility, which made it famous CT line of aircraft the flight design.

“It will have a fixed gear and a lot of commonality with CT, ” said Matthias Betsch, CEO of Germany as flight out GmbH are large and quiet … quite apt to fly, “is he said price point has been created for sales marketing C4 USA is not to exceed $ 250000, including parachute system has a range of approximately 1200 BRS nm and kts 160 cruise speed by Betsch.

Flight Design development scheme focuses on a prototype of the C4 flying start next year, with EASA and FAA certification by the end of 2012, production and deliveries begin in 2013. Betsch said C4 buyers will have options for both a power plant avgas/alternative fuel or a diesel engine with A Jet engine supplier partners will soon be announced.

Larry Williams, CEO of BRS aerospace, he adds, “We are particularly proud that the flight Design continues to trust us to provide the emergency parachute systems of the highest quality in the world for their new aircraft. We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years, and this commitment by their further strengthens and emphasizes our strengths in providing the safest possible dual plane. ”

Based in South Saint Paul, Minnesota and BRS aerospace comprises three sections: the BRS aviation studies, manufactures, and distributes emergency parachute systems-all general aviation aircraft and recreational aircraft. BRS Defense that designs and manufactures a variety of parachute systems for Defence Ministry and foreign military customers. and basic security regulations, which designs and manufactures shot and flying safety vests, and other apparel.

Since 1981, has delivered more than BRS Aerospace 35,000 parachute systems for aircraft owners worldwide, including over 4700 systems at FAA-certified aircraft that Cessna C-172/182 and new C-162 Skycatcher. To date, the BRS Aerospace parachute recovery have systems been credited with saving the lives of 261 pilots and passengers.

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