Airbus A318 Profile

Airbus A318 Profile

The Airbus A318 is the smallest member of the Airbus A320 family, a family of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger jet airliners manufactured by Airbus Industrie. The A318 carries up to 132 passengers and has a maximum range of 3,100 nmi. Final assembly of the aircraft takes place in Toulouse, France.

The Airbus A318 is a small, narrow-body (single-aisle) aircraft with a retractable tricycle landing gear and is powered by two wing pylon-mounted turbofan engines. It is a low-wing cantilever monoplane with a conventional tail unit having a single vertical stabilizer and rudder. Two suppliers provide turbofan engines for the A318: CFM International with their CFM56 and Pratt & Whitney with the PW6000 engine.

National origin :Multi-national
Manufacturer :Airbus
First flight : 15 January 2002
Primary users :Air France,LAN Airlines,Frontier Airlines,TAROM
Produced : 2002–present
Number built :74 as of 28 February 2011
Unit cost : US$65.2 million (2011)


Airbus A318 Specifications

Airbus A318
Cockpit crew Two
Seating capacity 132 (1-class, maximum)
117 (1-class, typical)
107 (2-class, typical)
Cargo capacity 21.21 m3 (749 cu ft)
Length 31.44 m (103 ft 2 in)
Wingspan 34.10 m (111 ft 11 in)
Wing area 122.6 m2 (1,320 sq ft)
Wing sweepback 25 degrees
Tail height 12.51 m (41 ft 1 in)
Cabin width 3.70 m (12 ft 2 in)
Fuselage width 3.95 m (13 ft 0 in)
Operating empty weight 39,500 kg (87,000 lb)
Maximum zero-fuel weight (MZFW) 54,500 kg (120,000 lb)
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) 75.5 t (166,000 lb)
Cruising speed Mach 0.78 (828 km/h/511 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft)
Maximum speed Mach 0.82 (871 km/h/537 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft)
Maximum range, fully loaded 3,100 nmi (5,700 km; 3,600 mi)
Take off run at MTOW (sea level, ISA) 1,355 m (4,446 ft)
Maximum fuel capacity 24,210 L (5,330 imp gal; 6,400 US gal)
Service ceiling 12,000 m (39,000 ft)
Engines (×2) Pratt & Whitney PW6000 series or
CFM International CFM56-5 series
Thrust (×2) 96–106 kN (22,000–24,000 lbf)

Source: Airbus,


Aircraft Model Date Engines
A318-111 2003 CFM56-5B8/P
A318-112 2003 CFM56-5B9/P
A318-121 2007 PW6122A
A318-122 2007 PW6124A


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