D-Dalus, Aircraft Without Wings

D-Dalus, Aircraft Without Wings

It is not frequently that you just see technology that could easily be explained as innovative, although apparently every press release explains every device as a result.

This D-Dalus flying vehicle, introduced in the Paris Air Show, seems to be a really innovative technology in aircraft, because it uses a exclusive type of propulsion. So unique, in reality, that I’m having problems visualizing what D-Dalus really is.

Here is exactly what the D-Dalus site has to say of :

The propulsion contains 4 sets of contra-rotating disks, each set driven in the identical revoltions per minute with a standard aero-engine. The devices are enclosed by rotor blades whose direction of strike could be changed by off-setting the axis from the rotating devices.

As each blade could be provided an alternative direction of attack, the resulting main thrust could be in every needed direction in 360° all around any axis. This will give the craft to launch vertically, stay in a fixed position in the air, travel in every direction, turn in every direction, and forced up-wards therefore ‘gluing down’ on landing.

So, engineering apart (due to the fact I cannot understand it, and far from it is patented and surrounded in secret), the capability this thing has would be to effectively force its thrust in every direction, and from four under the radar locations at the same time. So despite the fact it take off vertically or hold itself down by delivering forced up-wards, however it can float without difficulty in even choppy air. Monitoring system, anybody?

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