General Electric F404

General Electric F404 is an afterburning turbofan engines in the 10,500–19,000 lbf (85 kN) class (static thrust). General Electric F404 produced by GE Aviation.

Role : Air-superiority fighter, multirole fighter
National origin : Soviet Union, Russia
Manufacturer : Mikoyan
First flight : 6 October 1977
Introduced : August 1983
Status : Active service
Primary users : Russian Air Force, Indian Air Force, Ukrainian Air Force, Uzbekistan Air Force
Produced : 1982–present
Number built : 1,600+
Unit cost : US$29 million
Variants : Mikoyan MiG-29M, Mikoyan MiG-29K, Mikoyan MiG-35

It based on the YJ101 engine they had developed for the Northrop YF-17, enlarging the bypass ratio from .20 to .34 to enable higher fuel economy. The engine was designed with a higher priority on reliability than performance. Cost was the main goal in the design of the engine.

Almost 4,000 F404 engines power the F/A-18 Hornets in service worldwide. The F404 engine family had totaled over 12 million flight hours by 2010.


General characteristics

  • Type: Afterburning turbofan
  • Length: 154 in (3,912 mm)
  • Diameter: 35 in (889 mm)
  • Dry weight: 2,282 lb (1,036 kg)


  • Compressor: Axial compressor with 3 fan and 7 compressor stages
  • Combustors: annular
  • Turbine: 1 low-pressure and 1 high-pressure stage


  • Maximum thrust:
    • 11,000 lbf (48.9 kN) military thrust
    • 17,700 lbf (78.7 kN) with afterburner
    • Overall pressure ratio: 26:1
    • Bypass ratio: 0.34:1
    • Specific fuel consumption:
    • Military thrust: 0.81 lb/(lbf·h) (82.6 kg/(kN·h))
    • Full afterburner: 1.74 lb/(lbf·h) (177.5 kg/(kN·h))
    • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 7.8:1 (76.0 N/kg)
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