IAI Westwind Business jet

IAI Westwind Business jet

IAI Westwind is a business jet that became a cornerstone of the Israeli aircraft manufacturing industry and remained in production for twenty years.
Role : Business jet
Manufacturer : Israel Aircraft Industries
First flight : 2 January 1963
Introduced : 1965
Status : Active service
Primary user : Pel-Air
Produced : 1965-1987
Number built : 442

The Westwind was originally designed in the United States by Aero Commander as a development of its twin-propeller namesake aircraft, first flying on 2 January 1963 as the Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander.

Jet Commander production amounted to 150 aircraft in the United States and Israel before IAI undertook a series of modifications to create the 1123 Westwind. These included stretching the fuselage and increased maximum takeoff, maximum landing, and maximum zero-fuel weights, with the wing modified to incorporate double-slotted flaps and drooped leading edges and tip tanks.

IAI Westwind Variants

Aero Commander

1121 Jet Commander
Original production version, powered by two General Electric CJ610-1 engines developing 2,850 lbf (12,700 N) each; or modified with two CJ610-5 engines developing 2,950 lbf (13,100 N) each. 120 built including two prototypes.
Slightly modified version with CJ610-1 engines. Eleven built.
1121B Commodore
Version manufactured with CJ610-5 engines. Nineteen built.
Improved version developed but not put into production; two aircraft built and subsequently converted to 1123 Westwinds.


Westwind II
1123 Westwind
Improved version of the 1121. The cabin was stretched by 0.51m (1 ft 8in) and the aircraft was fitted with more powerful CJ610-9 engines developing 3,100 lbf (14,000 N) each and a Microturbo Saphir III auxiliary power unit (APU).36 built
1124 Westwind
Greatly improved version powered by two Garrett TFE731-3-1G turbofan engines developing 3,700 lbf (16,000 N) each, APU deleted.
1124 Westwind I
Name given to 1124 after introduction of Westwind II.
1124N Sea Scan
Maritime surveillance aircraft.
1124A Westwind II
Refined version of the 1124 built from 1980 onwards.

IAI Westwind Specifications

General characteristics

  • Crew: Two (pilot & co-pilot)
  • Capacity: Up to 10 passengers
  • Length: 15.93 m (52 ft 3 in)
  • Wingspan: 13.65 m (44 ft 9½ in)
  • Height: 4.81 m (15 ft 9½ in)
  • Wing area: 28.64 m² (308.3 ft²)
  • Empty weight: 6,010 kg (13,250 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 10,660 kg (23,500 lb)
  • Powerplant: 2 × Garrett TFE731-3-1G turbofan engines, 16.46 kN (3,700 lbf) each


  • Maximum speed: 868 km/h (469 knots, 539 mph) at 8,840 m (29,000 ft)
  • Cruise speed: 723 km/h (390 knots, 449 mph) econ cruise, at 11,890–12,500 m (39,000–41,000 ft)
  • Stall speed: 184 km/h (99 knots, 114 mph) CAS, flaps down, engines idling
  • Range: 4,430 km (2,392 nmi, 2,770 mi) with maximum payload
  • Service ceiling: 13,720 m (45,000 ft) (max certificated ceiling)
  • Rate of climb: 25.4 m/s (5,000 ft/min)
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