McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas formed from a merger of McDonnell Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft in 1967. It was a major American defense contractor and aerospace manufacturer. McDonnell producing a number of military aircraft and commercial aircraft.

McDonnell Douglas headquarter at St. Louis’s Lambert International Airport, in Berkeley, Missouri. The McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Company (MDTSC), a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas, was based in unincorporated St. Louis County, Missouri. In 1997 McDonnell Douglas merged with its rival, Boeing.


Military airplanes

  • A-4 Skyhawk (started under Douglas Aircraft)
  • F-4 Phantom II (started under McDonnell Aircraft)
  • F-15 Eagle
  • F-15E Strike Eagle
  • AV-8B Harrier II (in partnership with British Aerospace)
  • F/A-18 Hornet
  • T-45 Goshawk jet trainer (in partnership with British Aerospace)
  • KC-10 Extender
  • C-17 Globemaster III (Design and early production)
  • F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (Design and early production)

Commercial airplanes

  • DC-9 (started under Douglas Aircraft)
  • DC-10 (with cockpit upgrade designated MD-10)
  • MD-11 (stretched and modernized version of the DC-10)
  • MD-80 Series (stretched and modernized version of the DC-9)
  • MD-90 (stretched and modernized version of the MD-80)
  • MD-95 (latest evolution of the DC-9, sold as Boeing 717)

Proposed models

  • McDonnell Douglas MD-12 (a double-decker plane similar to Airbus A380 and Boeing NLA)


  • AH-64 Apache (started under Hughes Helicopters)
  • MD 500 series (started under Hughes Helicopters)
  • MD 600
  • MD 901/902/902 Explorer

Computer systems

  • Sequel
  • Spirit
  • Reality OS
  • Series 18 Model 6
  • Series 18 Model 9
  • 6200
  • 6400
  • 9000
  • 9200
  • 9400


  • Tomahawk missile
  • Harpoon missile
  • Skylab space station
  • Delta II space launch vehicle
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