Tiltwing Aircraft

Tiltwing Aircraft

Tiltwing aircraft ability is a wing that is horizontal for conventional forward flight and rotates up for vertical takeoff and landing. Tiltwing aircraft is similar to the tiltrotor design where only the propeller and engine rotate. It is typically fully capable of VTOL operations.

Tiltwing aircraft

design offers certain advantages in vertical flight relative to a tiltrotor. Because the slipstream from the rotor strikes the wing on its smallest dimension, the tiltwing is able to apply more of its engine power to lifting the aircraft.

The List :
Tiltwing designs with rocket, jet, or propeller propulsion

  • 1957 – Vertol VZ-2
  • 1959 – Hiller X-18
  • 1964 – LTV XC-142
  • 1965 – Canadair CL-84
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