Lufthansa Biofuel Flights Project

Lufthansa Biofuel Flights Project

Lufthansa has obtained its biofuel efforts to the next level right after introducing a six-month 50/50 fuel-biofuel mix test in European flights.

The new blend of standard jet fuel and biosynthetic food is now used by the airline company’s Airbus A321 airplane. Starting last week, flights between Hamburg and Frankfurt had a 50/50 mix in one engine with the other engine operating on regular jet fuel. Passengers are not capable to discover any difference how the airplane flies.

Government assistance has improved demand for ethanol, so corn crops have been in high demand since 2005.

Lufthansa is fascinated in studying long-term engine health as they try to create a changeover from regular jet fuel to biofuels.

Even though Lufthansa considers this new biofuel fuel blend will significantly decrease CO2 emissions, some German ecological organizations criticized the move. In accordance to one German ecological group, they consider Lufthansa and other airliners vacationing this kind of short ranges still is bad for the natural environment — and consider to advertise train travel as a more eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Air France performed a commercial Lufthansa Biofuel Flights in June, with the Boeing 737-800 utilizing reused cooking oil instead of jet fuel. Airliners are nervous to prevent investing in jet fuel that significantly fluctuates in cost, and a more eco-friendly option is very welcome.

Biofuels stay a major interest by the government and private sector, specifically involving flight companies attempting to turn out to be more eco-friendly and decrease costs. Airline biofuels are made up of materials which range from grass and algae to organic waste materials that is prepared into biofuel that can be utilized for vehicles and transportation

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