Private jet overshoots runway

Private jet overshoots runway

Private jet overshot runway airport Trenton Mercer this morning, said officials.

A Cessna 550 Jet at 8 am from Teterboro Airport pick up passengers 3 airport if it starts, and Miss 16 overshot to halt about 200 meters from the end of the beginning and Mrs. Mercer County spokeswoman Julie Willmot said.

No injuries were reported and no significant damage to the airport or aircraft. Registered aircraft fly your L3 del. Dover. The name of the pilot or passengers, if any, were not immediately made public. Aviation authorities in the investigation, plane, Ronson and repair hangar for storage of aviation. West Trenton fire co., and airport fire unit remained on scene until the permission is allowed for the transfer of the aircraft.

The runway reopened to all traffic two hours after landing. After the incident, traffic was limited only helicopters, given that the main runway is closed for construction.

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