Tiger Airways could be grounded beyond August

Tiger Airways could be grounded beyond August

TIGER Airways can be established beyond the 1 August, if it fails to meet all safety requirements, has warned the House.

There is further delay to return to the skies will lead to more frustration for passengers who have booked flights, resulting in the cancellation of 60 affects flights around 9,000 passengers-every day.

The airline did not act on warnings of aviation safety regulator disappointed over three months, was discovered.

John McCormick, Director of aviation security, civil aviation authority today described the process of drawn-out that led to the suspension of Tiger Airways.

“Casa has concluded that in order to ensure the safety of aircraft must be suspended, for the sake of Tiger airway AOC Friday, July 1, 2011. and in writing at night, “Mr. Mccormick writes July 2011 CASA bulletin released today morning.

“This is not a decision lightly and was based on a careful assessment of a wide range of information before the CASA at the time.” in March 2011, Casa Tiger Airways issued a notice to Show cause, and, on the basis of the decision June 2011, CASA conditions were placed on the air operator certificate of the Tiger.

“Taking these actions to increase the incidents that have raised concerns about the ability to work with the Tiger/security.” ‘

At the end of the year, “he said,” CASA losing confidence in the Tiger its ability to fulfil its obligations in a satisfactory manner, “” and conduct its operations in instances of serious and immediate risk, compelling issue of notice of suspension.

“This action in editing for me or anyone, CASA, happiness is to provide a safe and vibrant aviation industry at any time, our goal is to” “,” he said.

“However, in the travelling public and general community interests stern action was necessary, in order to ensure that essential safety standards in the airline keep. ”

Casa said that completion of the investigations or before 1 August of 2011, but warned that the company will no longer automatically into the sky.

“In cooperation with the Division 3A of the Act,” civil aviation “(Casa), will take action to suppress the page, or other actions, and more, may be necessary in the interests of security ‘. Talk

“Is our cooperation in the investigation and the CASA are publicly said that they backā€¦ will have tiger to their institution and sky ‘ ‘”

With the support of the Singapore Airlines last week appointed former chief pilot Chris Manning in Qantas Security Adviser/Manager to return in the air after the basis.

Mr Manning, a pilot and a veteran of 40 years, which was also the Group of Qantas, General Manager of flight operations, was brought to apply “the highest levels of operational safety management throughout the company, ” said the Tiger Airways spokeperson.

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