GAMA: GA Shipments Down

GAMA: GA Shipments Down

Total GA shipments dropped 15.five in 2011 when compared to the exact same six month period, last year, the General Aviation Producers Association (GAMA) mentioned, Thursday, but modest piston aircraft weren’t the greatest losers in the segment.

The very first six months of 2011 saw 791 shipments versus 936 shipments for that period throughout 2010. The biggest loser in the general aviation segment was small business jets. The business shipped 355 last year, but recorded 261 in 2011 — a 26.5-percent drop. Turboprop deliveries fell by 8.9 percent. And piston-powered planes fared much better, but only by the slimmest of margins — their numbers fell off by 8.7 percent. GAMA president and CEO Pete Bunce included his political observations in a news release that delivered the figures and didn’t appear to hold back.

“These negative shipment numbers demonstrate precisely how ill-timed and potentially destructive the Obama Administration’s rhetoric and policies toward corporate jets are for general aviation,” Bunce stated. He added that the Administration has “singled out small business aircraft owners with political demagoguery,” in a way which is “doing more harm to an industry that has certainly not yet clawed its way out of this recession.”

Year to date airplane billings for general aviation added up to more than $7 billion via two quarters of 2011, based on GAMA. The Administration has singled out company jets whilst pressing to close what it has identified as tax loopholes. And it has also suggested altering depreciation schedules for common aviation aircraft purchases from five years to seven.

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