PrivateSky Aviation sues Lee Co. Port Authority

PrivateSky Aviation sues Lee Co. Port Authority

A brand new 16 million dollar passenger terminal and aviation center at Page Field opens its doors later this month. But not everybody is pleased about it, and now there’s a lawsuit.

In the 14 page complaint, PrivateSky Aviation says it is suing for “injunctive relief and damages.” The provider says the Lee County Port Authority has develop into a government bully – intent on destroying private organization.

PrivateSky Aviation- situated at Southwest Florida International is actually a tenant of the Lee County Port Authority.

Now – they’re bringing a lawsuit against the port authority, saying it has a monopoly on services at Page Field.

Particularly mentioned is the new terminal complex at Page Field. The complaint says this upgraded facility will drive much more shoppers away from PrivateSky at RSW.

In an e-mail to WINK News, PrivateSky’s owner says “The port authority is unfairly competing against their own tenant which is actually a main breach of contract, because our contract with LCPA calls for us to maximize revenue but we cannot as they are competing against us unfairly with no investment..”

Also buried inside the lawsuit: the complaint of price differences. PrivateSky says the port authority uses its price advantage to sell its fuel and rent its hanger space at drastically decreased prices.

County Commission Chairman Frank Mann says he hasn’t noticed the suit, but hopes this problem is often resolved out of court.

“The persons that are filing the suit have run a fine operation out at Regional Southwest. They’re doing a fine job for us. We have a great relationship there, I’m sorry they felt the need to go this direction, and I hope we can obtain a far more pleased means to settle this entire concern,” he said.

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