Qantas cut international routes

Qantas cut international routes

ANY moves by Qantas to cut international routes or swap to no-frills Jetstar solutions will result in Middle Eastern and Asian airlines swooping on its passengers, says Australian aviation veteran and Etihad Airways chief executive James Hogan.

In nine days, Qantas is on account of announce the outcome of its deepest assessment of its international solutions, prompted by anticipated losses of $200 million this year from the division.

The evaluation has fuelled speculation Qantas may possibly axe flights among Los Angeles and New York. You will find also query marks on Buenos Aires, Honolulu and Mumbai, and rumours Jetstar could replace Qantas on some flights towards the US mainland and to Europe.

Mr Hogan mentioned his airline would happily fill the voids Qantas developed.

”They [Qantas] do not have the network they had of 15 many years ago,” said Mr Hogan, a 36-year veteran from the aviation business.

”As Qantas begins restructuring their network, it presents even further opportunities for us to strengthen our foothold in the market place.

”The Gulf airlines and the Asian carriers out of Australia may have a more powerful buyer supplying – no matter whether it really is leisure or corporate.

”If they [Qantas] do dilute or marginalise their international flying that’s an excellent chance for us … and we’re satisfied to fill the gap.”

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce will announce the airline’s international organization restructure on August 24, however it yesterday declined to go over competitive rivalries.

”The Qantas group, with its productive two-brand method with Jetstar and Qantas, remains committed to both premium and leisure travellers,” a spokeswoman stated.

Etihad Airways is primarily based in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, and competes with all the neighbouring colossus of Emirates Airlines plus the ambitious Qatar Airways, in addition to other worldwide airlines.

The Middle East carriers possess a organic geographic benefit, because the region is actually a one-hop stop to key European along with other destinations, Mr Hogan mentioned.

Mr Hogan, who started out Etihad from scratch seven many years ago, hopes to break even this year, then turn a profit up coming year for the to begin with time.

¦Tiger Australia is regenerating interest from the public, with greater than 1500 tickets sold given that its flying ban was lifted last week, the airline says.

The ticket sales were ”more than the daily capability accessible [seats obtainable per day],” a Tiger spokeswoman stated.

On Saturday ”a number of flights departed close to complete and this weekend’s sales carry on to present strong results with some flights tomorrow seeking to get close to selling out”, she mentioned.

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