ViaSat to provide Internet to Bombadier jets

ViaSat to provide Internet to Bombadier jets

ViaSat, a Carlsbad-based satellite communications firm, stated it’s been selected by Bombardier Aerospace to supply airborne communications terminal equipment included in a brand new high-speed Internet package that’ll be offered on certain types of business jets.

Bombardier uses equipment from ViaSat and EMS Aviation to supply a workplace-in-the-sky connection for business aviation people.

“Aircraft outfitted with this particular option will have the ability to use our Yonder high-speed Online sites to savor a contemporary office atmosphere any place in our coverage network,” stated Don Buchman, ViaSat’s director of special broadband.

Yonder, that is ViaSat’s Online sites for aircraft and ships, has global coverage. It enables Online connections via Wi-Fi within the cabin. Additionally, it provides voice-over Ip Address for airborne telephone use inflight. Yonder service has typical download speeds of one to two megabits per second.

EMS Aviation is supplying high-speed hubs to Bombardier. ViaSat can make satellite modems along with other equipment.

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