Mandala Airlines in 2012

Mandala Airlines in 2012
Mandala Airlines is expected to be ready for operation in early 2012. This file follows Air Operator Certificate or a certificate of flight operations has been accepted by the Ministry of Transportation.

Mandala Airlines in 2012

Herry Bakti, Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation (Kemhub), say, the realization of the operation depends on the readiness of returning Mandala Mandala in the care of permissions. “Around the beginning of next year, Mandala is probably already be back in operation,” said Herrick.

Meanwhile, the Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation Diding Sunardi said, to permit Air Operator Certificate (AOC) takes about 90 days. Mandala The plan will use Airbus A320 aircraft. Mandala Airlines in 2012.

Earlier, Devin Wirawan, Investment Manager of Saratoga Capital, said it had prepared 10 aircraft in accordance with government regulations that refer to the Aviation Act No. 1 of 2009. “The plane will come in stages,” said Devin.

After over ownership of Mandala, this new airline will implement the business model of Tiger Airways, which is by offering low cost travel to international destinations and domestic flights within five hours.

Devin will reveal the strategy of taking the company reduce costs and allocate funds for promotion. While the determination of flight routes still under internal discussion. Mandala Airlines in 2012.

In finalizing the ownership of shares, Saratoga has a majority stake in Mandala by 51 percent, while Tiger Airways will have a stake of 33 percent. The rest will be owned by unsecured creditors and shareholders.

Former Airline Employee Severance Delayed Again
Hundreds of former employees of the airline Mandala Airlines, had to be patient to wait for severance of the former company where they work.

Management Mandala returned withhold severance pay for former employees who were laid off in April and August because the airline does not operate.

At present, most airline stocks have now been purchased by the Saratoga Group and Tiger Airlines and planned to fly back early 2012.

Power law a number of former employees Mandala, Muhammad Halim said in a statement to the, Wednesday (21/12/2011) says, management Mandala delay payment until mid-January 2012. “Severance should on December 23, 2011, with the latest notices will be held on January 16, 2011,” said Halim.

Described Muhammad Halim, a letter was received by the employee on 16 December. But such notice is not acceptable because it is not a treaty as well as considering the Joint Agreement signed by 1 April 2011 then.

Supposedly, that’s what he Joint update / addendum, not the announcement of a unilateral nature and are not guaranteed.

“Delays due to Investors from Singapore’s Tiger Airways refused to send the plane because the Board of Directors of PT Mandala Airlines today (Nurhadijono Nurjadin) has not received permission to fly from the Director General of Civil Aviation, Department of Transportation because the condition must have its own 10 aircraft (airline must have a minimum of 10 aircraft owned), “he explained.

As a result, says Halim, investors who will finance the Saratoga Group will not disburse funds. Saratoga group will have a 51 percent stake, Tiger 33 percent, other investors 15 percent and 1 percent of the old owners.

While the management of its own Mandala Thursday (22/12/2011) could not be contacted. Mandala spokesman, Nurmaria Sarosa when contacted via cell phone is not picked up.

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