Unmanned helicopters in Afghanistan

Unmanned helicopters in Afghanistan

U . s . States Marine Corps the very first time operate an unmanned helicopter designed particularly for that transport helis to be able to send supplies towards the military outposts in remote locations in Afghanistan.

Unmanned Helicopters in Afghanistan

According to U.S. military officials on Thursday (22.12.2011), K-MAX helicopters that can carry cargo up to more than 1.6 tons. Operation of helicopters, unmanned This reduces the risk of casualties due ambushed while delivering logistical supplies troops through land vehicle convoy. “We sent a cargo that needs to be sent using ground convoy. This is actually the demonstration phase to check the actual abilities of the aircraft and just how well performance within the fight,” stated Maj. Kyle O’Connor of Unmanned Air Vehicle Squadron I Marine corps. The inaugural flight helis in Afghanistan completed on Saturday a week ago, having a pursuit to deliver logistical supplies within the Publish Combat Payne in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.

K-MAX was developed jointly by two companies, namely Kaman Aerospace and Lockheed Martin. Heli was said to have the ability to drop cargo at the target point accurately, which will be very useful to the dusty battlefields of Afghanistan and is very difficult for conventional flight and landing of helicopters. Formerly, the U.S. military and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is operating the various fixed wing unmanned aircraft (drones) for a number of functions, varying from reconnaissance to fight.

The K-MAX is constantly exceed anticipation becoming an unmanned platform. The aircraft has met all unmanned key occasions so far and is constantly stick out available logging and firefighting industries. The aircraft will remain optionally piloted for simple National Airspace Methods, periodic manned mission flexibility, ferry travel arrangements, rapid integration of latest mission equipment, and enable rapid return-to-service activities.

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