64 Aircrafts Will Enliven The 66th Anniversary of Indonesia Air Force

64 Aircrafts Will Enliven The 66th Anniversary of Indonesia Air Force

Anniversary of the 66th Air Force on 9 April will be more festive than usual. Demonstration of static, dynamic, formation flying, aerobatics to be conducted 64 aircraft from various air squadrons them.

64 Aircrafts Will Enliven The 66th Anniversary of Indonesia Air Force

“To-66 aircraft of various types that will be participating. Besides aircraft, 2,500 personnel consisting of two brigades and seven battalions of the ceremony and the procession will parade. The general public can see these things up close,” said Head of Information Department of the Air Force, First Air Marshal TNI Yunus Azman, in the Main Air Base Air Force Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta, Thursday.

Rigorous planning has been done since last month. Air and ground elements have been prepared in such a way that can reinforce each anniversary of the meaning of the Air Force this time.

From 1 April, he said, planes involved were present at the Hajj Terminal apron, the other side of the Main Air Base Halim Perdanakusuma.

This terminal will be used to prepare the location of the main elements of the aircraft, here are a static display will be flying planes that are not on the air. Planned, the inspector ceremony was Air Force Chief of Staff, Marshal Imam Sufaat.

Kinds and types of existing aircraft in the Air Force arsenal list will be involved in all. Consists of F-5E / F Tiger (three units), Hawk 100/200 (10), F-16 A / B Block 15 Fighting Falcon (six), Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 Flanker (six), 11 C -130 Hercules (nine to go static, one exercise in free fall, and an air tanker), and B-737 200/400 Surveillance.

Still CN-235/235 plus MPA (two), C-212 Aviocar (two), KT-1B Wong Bee (eight, will be Jupiter aerobatic team), the Super Puma helicopter NAS-332/330 and Puma (four), helicopter EC-120 Colibri helicopter Bolkow-Blohm, and the Cessna from the Air Force Academy (two).

“Maneuvers will be exhibited all the usual maneuvers of military aircraft. That’s why there was no civilians that can participate in flying planes,” said Azman.


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