Boeing Orders Inspections of 787 Dreamliners

Boeing Orders Inspections of 787 Dreamliners

Boeing reportedly do a new airplane, the 787 Dreamliner, In order to improve the structure of carbon fiber composites are used.

Problem known as delamination caused by Reuters does not properly attach the composite skin.

When it left, it can cause skin damage that can be delamination carbon fiber composites.

Boeing Orders Inspections of 787 Dreamliners

Unfortunately, Boeing did not provide much information about this examination. In a statement, Boeing said it had found delamination elongated in a support structure on some of the fuselage.

The company added, “There is no short-term safety concerns. Improvements need to be done and will be implemented in a way as efficiently as possible. ”

This issue alone has been found in recent weeks. Boeing Dreamliner did not say how many were identified delamination problems.

Boeing has delivered since September 2011 fifth Dreamliner to All Nippon Airways. Dreamliner while the other 60 units are under production at their assembly plant in Everett, Washington.

Although delamination is considered not as an urgent security issue for the Dreamliner, but it raises more questions about the making of this plane. Dreamliner program has undergone a series of production problems and delays delivery of Boeing since its launch in 2004.

Dreamliner is the world’s first commercial aircraft with a fuselage made ??largely of lightweight carbon composites. It boasts an unprecedented fuel efficiency and is a hit among customers who have ordered about 870 aircraft.

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