Russia Operate The New SU-25SM Aircraft in 2020

Russia Operate The New SU-25SM Aircraft in 2020

Delivery of SU-25SM fighter aircraft to the Russian Air Force will begin in 2020, said Air Force spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik.

“A number of units in the Air Force will receive the plane in 2020,” Drik said on Monday.

He said the AU will replace the Sukhoi ground attack aircraft is capable of high-25SM Frogfoot gradually.

According to Drik new aircraft that will meet the needs of the modern battlefield and adopted elements of stealth technology and are able to carry all sizes of tactical weapons.

Russia Operate The New SU-25SM Aircraft in 2020

Su-25SM radar also has a modern and sophisticated navigation system.

Meanwhile, Russia will continue to increase the ability of ground attack aircraft Su-25 long-time version of the Su-25SM that have survived the better qualified and combat capability.

Russian Air Force currently has more than 30 Su-25SM that operates and plans to increase capacity about 80 Su-25s until 2020, Drik added.

A twin-engine aircraft has a wing span of 14.36 meters long and 15.33 meters long and 4.80 meters high.

The aircraft can fly with the speed of 950 kilometers per hour with a combat radius of 375 kilometers so far.

Su-25 dubbed the “Frogfoot” by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has 11 hardpoints for a variety of weapons and bombs and rockets of the canon gun GSh-250 30-2 with a 0.30 mm diameter bullet, according to RIA Novosti-OANA.

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