PT Dirgantara Indonesia and Kazakhstan Work Together

Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Rajasa, said PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) is very interested in partnering with Kazakhstan to the aerospace industry with the production of N-219 aircraft.

“We are also interested in cooperation in the aerospace industry. PTDI was shared with the engineering company of Kazakhstan worked together to produce N-219,” said Hatta in Jakarta, Friday, April 13, 2012.

For information, type N-219 aircraft carrying 17 passengers and is designed is still in development stage. By 2014, expected 15 N-219 prototype aircraft was to be launched.

To build a prototype aircraft, PTDI estimating the cost at U.S. $ 4 million (Rp360 billion). Fifteen production aircraft will require funding of U.S. $ 60 million (Rp 5, 4 trillion).

In addition to the aircraft industry, the government of Indonesia also offer Kazakhstan to invest in downstream palm oil, cotton, rubber tires, and wheat.

To that end, the President of Kazakhstan told Hatta to immediately realize the investment plans between the two countries without going through a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

“President of Kazakhstan is very welcome and that you do not want a direct realization of the MoU as well. To that end, he expects our visit, a team of government, Minister for Economic Affairs and the ministries in May to make it happen,” he said.

Government of Indonesia and Kazakhstan will be forming a joint commission. With the team, each ministry can focus in the working group to assess any potential cooperation.

Hatta admitted, trade between the two countries is still very small at U.S. $ 35 million. However, both countries committed to increasing the value of trade with the fix that inhibit sectors.

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