FAA shutdown freezes U.S. aviation projects

FAA shutdown freezes U.S. aviation projects

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Agency, Congress failed to extend the power of 22 July. Because H.R. 2553, taxes on fuel, airline tickets and cargo will be extended until 17 September, was not nearly 4,000 employees of the airline were furloughed, and dozens of aviation projects was blocked.

Many orders are distributed to stop construction of the air traffic control towers and other projects in all the United States, said FAA officials.

Secretary of transportation Ray LaHood says the far-reaching implications of this situation. “Construction workers across America will lose their jobs, and communities will hurt and this is the case,” Lahoud said in a statement. “Congress should pass the Bill for the armed forces to prevent further financial losses”. Moreover, it stresses that “this is not to run the world’s best civil aviation system.”

It is concerned with FAA administrator Randy Babbitt. “The Congress shall act promptly whenever our nation is more important to stop the project,” he noted. “Work and projects, NextGen system testing and certification, the suspension of the airport. The list goes on and on – and this is just the beginning. ”

Some projects suspended, air traffic control towers in Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to modernize; including Multi-dollar initiative LaGuardia Airport, New York; Gulfport Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, on the basis of, Miss; Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport, Texas-based, on the basis of the Palm Springs International Airport.

In addition, the FAA officials explain, leaving these projects will eventually a burden of aviation, one of the most important demographic: American taxpayers. Construction costs will increase and people are forced to pay the difference to claim.

In addition, the FAA scientists, engineers, analysts, computer specialists, administrative assistants, managers and analysts, environmental experts and planners community of 35 countries, besides Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, are working.

And it is this fact that has American Federation of government employees National President John Gage annoyed. “These workers have thrown under the bus due to political party struggle that has nothing to do with their job,” said Gage in a statement. “It is unconscionable that some lawmakers would put the aircraft public at risk just to gain political points.”

The Association of flight attendants-CWA (AFA) has also expressed his opposition to FAA cancelled as authority. Speaking on behalf of the economic and security consequences of this situation, the President of partial closure, see International AFA shed FAA called “irresponsible and unnecessary”. What is more, shook said, “the necessary improvements to our airlines and airports in the us rely on will impact our ability to compete on a global scale.”

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