Fort Worth Museum Hope Won’t Fly

Fort Worth Museum hope won’t fly

Fort Worth Museum Foundation the website says, a “independent, world-class attraction like nothing else in North Texas ” won ‘t be opening Alliance airport in 2016, not unless there an unknown benefactor with a bank account worthy of Howard Hughes, which is faster than a shuttle launch surfaces.

If this is realized, first check the benefactor, he or she can write, for $ 2.5 million in Fort Worth taxpayers ‘ money. In order to be reimbursed to the city General Fund for a loan the in the City Council approved to help build temporary aviation show at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and history.

The 8-0 vote on Jan. 25 was not in the City Council’s finest moments.

Major Aviation Museums Task Force was established in January 2008 has finally answered the decades old question of whether Fort Worth has the appetite to build air and space museum.

The city hired Lord cultural resources to develop a strategic plan for how to achieve the dream Museum. The plan recommended the creation of a 501 (c) (3) Foundation to lead planning and fundraising. Thus was born in Fort Worth air & Space Museum Foundation in 2009.

In the course of the contract cities with Lord Council approved more than $ 300,000 in fees a draft strategic plan and assistance in the preparation of the temporary exhibition “Ascent …Where Dreams defy gravity, “which is on display at the Museum of science and history.

Funds for the consultancy contract came from Aviation project capital improvements Fund, which gets its money from royalties from drilling natural gas under the city’s airports.

Climbing the exhibition, which closes on 5 September, it was the case, “test” Adviser Jungus Jordan said Monday, a way to “see if there is appetite” for financial support for a permanent Museum.

Apparently, no one was hungry except for the City Council. The cause of the air and Space Museum Foundation Hasn ‘ t have enough money to repay the city of about $2.5 million.

Note that comes due Sept. 30. The penalty kick in the beginning of October. Councilman Zim Zimmerman, who serves as Chairman of the Museum foundation, said last week that he plans to ask for a six-month extension of the deadline.

The truth is that Texans North ‘ being sated appetite for aviation history and museums. The fact that there is an Association of North Texas Aviation Museums speaks to the number of installations-big and small – that pay tribute to the magnificent men and their flying machines.

Fort Worth has a commitment romantic all things that the health of the local economy as military and commercial aviation winged, based on contributions. This condition has even led to the brief life of the Fort Worth Flyers, team for expansion of the minor League of basketball in the NBA Development League, who played two seasons, 2005-2007.

An air and Space Museum to the success of the flight innovators showcase and spark interest for science and technology in newer engineers could be an asset to the community, but it ‘s taxpayers ‘ has a responsibility to bankroll organizers and event promoters.

City role is not to try to jump-start for personal reasons, to the.

With a deficit of the budget of about 30 million dollars for the fiscal year 2011-2012, the city has an endless list of basic services and programs that could benefit from an infusion of cash $ 2.5 million. The shouldn Council ‘ t spend more than a hundred pursuit of an aviation museum like Fort Worth Museum.

Now we need to move on the issue, you may never have a satisfactory answer: How do taxpayers get their money back?

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