N-219 Aircraft Specifications and Photos

N-219 Aircraft Specifications and Photos

PT Dirgantara Indonesia will definitely create a new aircraft type N-219. This aircraft continues to be test-flown inside a laboratory wind tunnel test in March 2010. And the plan, kind of aircraft developed in the results created NC-212 PT DI is going to be handed to the very first buyer to become flown round the year 2014 to 2015 in the future.

N-219 Aircraft Specifications and Photos

Prior to the N-219 flown, there is nothing wrong when we consider the specifications from the aircraft manufacturing cost around Rp300 billion. Based on the Wikipedia page, the N-219 is really a multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft designed PT. Aerospace Indonesia to use in remote areas. This really is because of thinking about the length to fly this aircraft type is able STOL (short-remove and landing or flying and landing on short runway), that is considered appropriate to be used in areas that don’t have sufficient runway in the airport terminal.

The plane consists of metal that’s been satisfied the needs of FAR 23. This will make the N-219 was created particularly using the biggest cabin volume in the class and versatile door you can use to move people or cargo. A variety of speeds can achieve as much as 650 Nm (1,200 km) having a maximum speed of 213 kts (395 km / h). And within the room, can accommodate 19 people having a configuration of three parallel position.

For comfort and security, making certain the PTDI N-219 aircraft is going to be smartly designed and comfy while controlling. PT DI will take away the N-219 in a cost of U $ 4 million dollars. For instance from the specifications of recent aircraft types, the next picture.

N-219 Aircraft Key Features:
1. Dual Purpose, could be reconfigured
2. Can accommodate 19 people, three parallel
3. Mixed cargo passenger
4. STOL performance
5. Low operational costs

N-219 Aircraft Performance:
1. Maximum cruising speed: 213 KTS (395 km / h)
2. Economical cruise speed: 190 KTS (352 km / h)
3. Maximum ferry range: 1580 Nm
4.Take-off distance (35 foot obstacle): 465 m, ISA, SL
5. Landing distance (50 foot obstacle): 510 m, ISA, SL
6. Stalling speed: 73 KTS
7. Maximum take-off weight: 7270 kg (16.000 pounds)
8. Maximum payload: 2,500 kg (5511 lb)
9. Rate of climb 2300 foot / min all engines operating
10. Range: 600 Nm. (Wikipedia.org / ARI)

After dealing with fundamental design stages since 2006, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) are finally prepared to produce N-219 aircraft. Lately in Bandung, Director of Technology and Development PTDI Dita Ardonni Jafri stated it’s made two planes in actual size, that will make use of the test flight and static tests around the landmass.

In undertaking such tests, in cooperation with PTDI Assessment Technology Development Agency (BPPT). N-219 still need to live some type of other tests, including static aircraft, engine test production, and flight test.

Year 2014 target is licensed airworthy in the Secretary of state for Transportation. Then in 2015 decided to go in the marketplace to exchange older aircraft which have been eaten.

N-219 Aircraft is really a short-range aircraft that is able STOL (short-remove and landing or flying and landing on short runway). Physically, this aircraft includes a cruising range as high as 650 Nm (1,200 km) having a maximum speed of 213 kts (395 km / h). Can accommodate 19 people outfitted with two engines and is made to serve the requirements of aviation pioneers that connects remote areas.

Numerous government authorities expressed curiosity about the kind of aircraft and the procedure is for connecting remote areas in the united states. Actually, PT Merpati Nusantara Air carriers also expressed curiosity about this aircraft and intends to buy 20 models.

Having the ability to takeoff and landing on short runway, about 600 meters, the aircraft is recognized as appropriate to be used in areas that don’t have large land in the airport terminal. Plus a chance to carry more fuel than other aircraft class mates make sure they are well informed utilizing it. For safety and convenience, PTDI make sure the aircraft was smartly designed and comfy while controlling.

Formerly, numerous nations for example Poultry, Korea, in france they Air Pressure, and Malaysia continues to be while using product PTDI on the kind of CN-235 aircraft. Additionally, other nations which have the creativeness of kids of the nation is Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bophuthatswana, Brunei Darussalam, Burkina Faso, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, Jordan, Mexico, The other agents, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Union Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and also the U . s . States.

This Year, two aircraft type N-235 maritime reconnaissance continues to be delivered to the company for that South Korean Coast Guard (KCG). And something more unit is going to be shipped in March 2012.

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